First time using Texworks and it's not going great
  • Hello everyone!

    In my diocese's Cathedral the seminarians and a priest use to sing the Passion on Good Friday (in spanish). A couple of years ago when it was my turn to be the Chronicler (I guess that would be the name of the narrator in english), I found out that the adaptation we were using wasn't very faithful to the original tone, so I've been working on a better solution since then. I'm satisfied with the adaptation now so I want to print it in order to to use it this Triduum. I usually use Illuminare to produce the pdfs that I need, but this document was to long for the program. I installed Tex, using the instructions on the gregorio project website, but I just can't get it to work properly. It keeps saying that "I can't find the format file `lualatex.fmt'!" and "{LaTeX requires expl3}"... Does anyone of you know how to fix this?
  • CGM
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    If you've got the gabc code already, try using Richard Chonak's Gregorio interface, which I think is a little more robust than the Illuminare editor.
  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    If you go to the TeX Users Group website they have installation instructions and files to install Tex properly on your system, and links to help for the program. You may have to download additional programs from the maker of your operating system.
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    Have you been using TeX already for a while? It's a complicated technical typesetting package with a big learning curve, and I don't recommend it for most users.

    If your needs are not complicated (e.g., if you're not creating long documents that contain many scores), I'd recommend using the interface CGM recommended above. You can paste your GABC code into and get a score PDF in seconds.

    If you are undertaking a big and complicated project, you'll need to do these things:
    1) Install a version of TeX; typically TeXLive from
    2) Manually create your GABC file.
    3) Manually create a LaTeX document file that invokes the Gregorio add-on with your GABC file.
    4) Process the document with the lualatex command.

    That much will give you a PDF and confirm that your TeX and Gregorio setup are working.

    To add the TeXworks graphical interface, you'll need to install that program also. I've never tried it, so I can't offer technical tips, but there may be obstacles: TeXworks is designed to use the programs pdfTeX or XeTeX to perform the typesetting; but Gregorio is designed to use LuaLaTeX to do that; and I don't know whether it's possible to make TeXworks function with LuaLaTeX.
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    TeXworks can be used with any version of TeX, including LuaTeX and LuaLaTeX. I've attached a screenshot of a LuaTeX file in tw (I don't use LaTeX, but if you have a LuaLaTeX file you just select the LuaLaTeX engine from the dropdown in the top left corner). I'm not sure if luaotfload.sty may not be necessary in LuaLaTeX. For the \font commands, you insert the path to your preferred text font. (Libertinus-Serif is a good free font; it's also quite similar to the Aster font which is used in the Vatican Liturgia Horarum)
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