Sacerdotes Dei
  • I'm doing a bit of planning for St. Blaise next Friday. Does anyone know of a simple vernacular version of the introit "Sacerdotes Dei" from the common for one martyr a la Source and Summit or SEP? Source and Summit gives me correct vernacular versions of the offertory (Inveni David) and communion (Posuisti), but for some reason it doesn't give "Sacerdotes Dei" as an option for the introit unless I'm missing something.
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    My pew Missal gives Sacerdotes Dei for one or several pastors, not for one martyr, so check there.
  • Interesting. The GR for the EF gives "Sacerdotes Dei" as the introit, and the OCM says just to use those propers. I wonder why they would be pulled from two different sources within the commons. Maybe "Sacerdotes Dei" was categorized differently in the '62 commons than it is in the OF commons?
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    From The Roman Missal, but assigned to the Common of Pastors, III. Pastors, A. For Several Pastors, p. 1027 (2nd of two Introits):

    Priests of God, bless the Lord;
    praise the Lord, all who are holy and humble of heart (E.T. alleluia).

  • I'm trying to attach Fr. Weber's setting but it isn't working. I can try again in the morning.
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    Nathan, I recently discovered that if the file names are too long, or if they contain certain special characters, the forum upload fails. Shortening and/or removing those characters (such as ‘•’) solves the problem.
  • It wasn't a lony file name, and it didn't have any special characters. I wonder if it's because I'm on my phone. I might have to try from my laptop.
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    @Nathan_the_Organist, make sure there are no spaces in the file name either
  • Here it is. I finally got it to work. I think there might have been something weird with my original pdf when I extracted it from the larger pdf. Hopefully this is what you are looking for.