Ft. Collins, CO: Director of Liturgy and Music
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    Job Description

    Director of Liturgy and Music
    Saint John XXIII Catholic Church

    Position Title: Director of Liturgy and Music
    Status: Full-Time Exempt
    Salary: $55,000+ (commensurate with experience)
    Supervisor: Pastor
    Proposed Start Date: February 6, 2023
    Benefits eligible for March 1st, 2023

    Parish Mission and Overall Job Description

    Saint John XXIII Catholic Church is a personal parish of the Archdiocese of Denver whose
    role and mission is to serve the faculty, staff and students of Colorado State University and
    Front Range Community College. We are committed to personal prayer, the Sacraments and
    the discipleship and formation of college-aged students in the Fort Collins, Colorado area. The
    goal and mission of St. John XXIII is to teach and show our students how to have a personal
    relationship with the person of Jesus Christ, build authentic community, and grow them as
    lifelong and committed disciples of His Holy Church. The Director of Music and Liturgy will have
    a heart for the Lord, making their relationship with Him the priority, and desire for college
    students, as well as the permanent parishioners of St. John XXIII to worship and know the Lord
    through the Music and Liturgy of the parish. With this, they will have an ability to serve the
    students through providing music that is both Traditional and Contemporary (either through their
    own personal giftings or assisting others who have this gift), while upholding reverence and
    honoring the Lord through the Sacrifice of the Mass. This role will desire to form and walk with
    college students in their giftings to serve in the Liturgy, both during their time at Saint John XXIII
    and after as they continue serving the greater Catholic Church once they leave RamCatholic.

    Qualifications & Expectations:
    ● Candidate is an active member of a Catholic Faith Community.
    ● Degree in liturgy, music, or equivalent work experience and 2+ years experience.
    ● Candidate expresses a desire to work with students, faculty, staff, and community
    ● Strong understanding of Catholic Liturgy.
    ● Willingness to serve grieving funeral families.
    ● Experience with traditional, contemporary, and praise and worship music.
    ● Create vision and goals for music ministry.
    ● All St. John XXIII staff are required to respond to communications (email and phone)
    within 24 hours or on the next working day.
    ● Vacation time should be pre-approved through paycom and appropriate coverage should
    be arranged.


    ● Coordinate liturgies and music leadership for weekends, holy days, parish missions,
    parish retreats, weekday liturgies (as specified), prayer meetings and other parish events
    as appropriate.
    ● Work with the Campus ministry team to plan music and liturgies for campus specific
    liturgies (Mass on the grass, Ram Awakening, adore nights, candlelight, and healing
    ● Coordinate liturgical and music functions for advent, lent, and holy week (stations of the
    cross, Tenebrae, ash Wednesday, concerts, etc.)
    ● Collaborate with the presider in planning special liturgies.
    ● Coordinate RCIA liturgical rights and music.
    ● Coordinates new and ongoing formation and scheduling of liturgical ministers: greeters,
    ushers, altar servers, sacristans, extraordinary ministers of holy communion, lectors, and
    ● Collaborates with the campus ministry team to provide liturgical training for students.
    ● Maintain liturgy supplies and ordering of supplies as needed.
    ● Weddings: coordinate with the wedding coordinator(s) to prepare materials and meet
    with the couples to plan the liturgy and music.
    ● Funerals: first contact for the funeral homes, coordinate with scheduling to determine
    Church and priest availability, meet with families, plan liturgy and music, execute scripts
    and worship aids, and provide ministers and musicians.
    ● Remain up to date with liturgy documents, especially ongoing liturgical changes.
    ● Coordinate equipment and technical support for liturgies.

    ● Recruit and train individuals to participate in music ministry. Recruit, train, and evaluate
    music leaders as necessary.
    ● Responsible for paid musicians to turn in timesheets on-time.
    ● Facilitate regular or occasional meetings/rehearsals for the instruction, inspiration and
    communication for musicians supporting music and Mass and other parish events.
    ● Provide and teach new music for use at the parish as led by the Holy Spirit, ensuring that
    music and texts are in accord with Catholic teaching and appropriate for the particular
    purpose, and in a way that ensures the fullest participation of the faithful.
    ● Prepare song sheets/worship aids as needed, especially for the special liturgical
    celebrations such as Christmas and the Triduum.
    ● Provide, maintain and update songbooks for use at parish liturgies. Ensure all copies of
    music used at the parish are legal, authorized copies.
    ● Provide choirs for some or all liturgies from August-May. Cantor and organist for liturgies

    Additional Duties
    ● Coordinate cleaning of liturgical items and vestments by sacristans and/or volunteers.
    ● Ensure safe environment training has been completed by any employees/volunteers that
    fall under the liturgy and music department.
    ● Attend weekly staff rosary and directors’ meetings.
    ● Prepare and manage budget for music, sound ministry, liturgy supplies and equipment,
    and flowers in conjunction with appropriate staff and volunteers.
    ● Maintain and develop the sound system.
    ● Train appropriate staff, musicians and sacristans on the use of the sound system.
    ● Manage/accomplish projects assigned by the Pastor.
    ● Other tasks as appropriate to assist parish staff, students, and/or parishioners.

    Please send resume, cover letter, and reference sheet to Sasha@john23.com

    (information from: https://saintjohn.church/employment/ )
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