How to get A preconciliar Antiphonale Romanum
  • The title says it all.

    Ive recently managed to get my hands on the Nocturnale Romanum by Hartker and found that it is incredibly pleasant to pray with the original book. Before that i used a printed version of the PDF, which had to be made in 2 books and didnt look or feel nice.

    I Still use a Liber Antiphonarius which ive had printed via the pdf on epubli.

    I was wondering wether anyone knew a place where one could still buy one such book in proper form.

    Also i was wondering wether anyone has experience with these kinds of books

    As far as i can see, these kinds of offers are meant to be facsimiles. Have any of you gotten something like this before? Is it decent or do these attempts at reprints wind up shoddy?

    PS: As far as i could see, there are some pages of the nocturnale missing from the online pdf(at least the file i found). Im willing to make photos of the missing pages if someone is missing Stuff like the Feast of Saint Joseph , whose pages were missing from my silly reprint.
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    We have a scanned copy of the old Antiphonale Romanum (a 1960 edition) on-line at:

    It's based on a copy belonging to Prof. Mahrt, the president of CMAA; at the time we sent it off for scanning, used copies were being offered on a popular auction site for $800.

    It really is a fairly rare book; a search in the Worldcat site may help you locate copies in university libraries near you. When I last searched, there were not many around here.
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