Hymn Translation: “Ein Haus voll Glorie schauet”
  • Quite a stirring text by Fr Joseph Mohr from 1875, which I have never seen in English. This fresh translation fits the original tune. There is a new version of this text in the Neu-Gotteslob, but I have translated Mohr’s unaltered text. I’m always conscious that traductore, traditore but the best masters of the art, Winkworth and Neale, always made sure their new text was felicitous enough that you could almost believe the original was the treasonous version. Maybe one day I will be there... I try.

    1. Behold! A House of glory
    keeps watch o’er every land,
    Walls hewn from heavn’ly quarries
    by God’s own master hand: R./

    God! We honor Thee!
    God! We worship Thee!
    O may we dwell secure
    with Thee forevermore!

    2. With lofty turrets round her,
    She laughs at all Her foes,
    While higher still, to crown Her,
    Her Cross-tipped steeples glow. R./

    3. Outside Her walls now rages
    the storm’s demented roar:
    Built on the Rock of Ages,
    the House will stand secure*! R./

    4. Although the Fiend should try Her,
    should strike with hellish pow’r,
    Her faithful Christ is by Her,
    with love He guards Her tow’rs. R./

    5. Beside Him, see the Maiden,
    in mantle blue and white,
    Who gives the heavy-laden
    fresh courage for the fight! R./

    6. Already holy millions
    have shed their blood in love:
    With them march faithful billions,
    with boldness from above! R./

    7. Then we, with love unbounded,
    must join the holy fight!
    On God our House is founded,
    our victory in sight! R./

    *or, “yet endure”
  • Your translations delight me without fail. You are a skilled poet & translator.