Dates and Location of Colloquium or Sacra Liturgia 2023?
  • TroyL
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    Have I missed any announcements?
    Does anyone know?
    Any information would be helpful in making family plans.
    With thanks.
  • Colloquium 2023 will be in Detroit from June 19-23. It was just announced this morning!
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  • TroyL
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  • TroyL
    Posts: 8
    Where was it announced?
  • I got an email informing me about it, most likely because I was at the 2022 Colloquium. However, there should be some information on the CMAA website.
  • I can't go this year, but I might make a special effort to go again, after 24 years away. My first (and, so far, only) Colloquium was at Christendom the year Cal Shenk died.
  • Please join us in Detroit for the 33rd annual Sacred Music Colloquium, July 19-24, 2023!

    Also, no Sacra Liturgia in 2023! Stay tuned for a future year!
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