Modal Mondays: 10 Lessons in Solfège for Reading, Hearing, & Singing Gregorian Chant - begins Jan 23
  • Need help with reading chant notation? Solfège? Making the modes and solfège actually useful in teaching and learning Gregorian chant?

    Have we got the workshop for you!

    Workshop begins Monday, Jan. 23rd and runs for 10 weeks, 5:30-6:15 p.m. PST (8:30-9:15 EST) on Zoom.

    More information and sign-up available here.

    The inaugural workshop of the Catholic Institute of Sacred Music here at St. Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park, CA, we're offering 10 45-minute lessons with exercises for reading, audiation (hearing the music in your mind), and teaching (teaching yourself or others!) based on the 8 Gregorian modes. Course sessions are detailed in the link above, and will also touch on the Psalm tones and performance analysis of sample chants. The workshop is $35; add archived access to the sessions for an additional $15.

    I'm really delighted we're able to offer this series, and we'll be rolling out more spring offerings, and especially our very extensive summer course work in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more information, but in the meantime, time to sign up for this workshop is short!
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  • Thank you for posting this.

    I'm just up the road from you, but 45 minutes in the middle of the busiest part of my day won't work. I'll mention it to my choir members. My predecessor (just retired) studied under Dr. Mahrt.
  • For clarity's sake: do you mean $35 per session, so $350 for ten weeks, or $35 for the entire ten weeks, equivalent to $3.50 per week?
  • Bri
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    I'd love to join, but the session is at the same time as my weekly choir rehearsal.

    Please keep us informed if you have additional sessions in the future!
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  • @Chris - $35 total! We understand musician salaries and budgets! It's $15 more for indefinite archived access following the live series. I hope to see you in-person at some point in the near future!
  • MarkB
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    I signed up and sent information about it to my choir and to the other music directors in my diocese.
  • Jenny,

    Is it aimed at Choirmasters or members of scholae, or both?
  • @Chris - Both. I'll be both giving and demonstrating exercises that singers and those who teach will find helpful.