Pointing in St. Dunstan's Psalter
  • I'm subbing for a buddy at my ordinariate home parish this weekend while he attends a family funeral. A psalm is sung during communion, and I believe said psalm is taken from the St. Dunstan's Psalter. I'm pretty sure I have it figured out correctly, but I'm a little confused by (what I perceive to be) the lack of pointing of the text. Is this normal for the St. Dunstan's? Can you guys help me to understand the system better? I'm sure the guy I'm subbing for could explain it, but he's a busy man and I don't want to bother him with it right now (hi Hank, if you see this).
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  • davido
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    The text is pointed, but in a very limited manner.

    The cadential formula is to be started after the “/“.
    In your example, “tabernacle” will use neither of the white notes.
    However “thy holy hill” will need the white note head for the syllable “-ly” of holy.

    The accent marks over notes in the melody indicate that an accented syllable of the text should be sung on that note.
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