Bohemian Mass in Bb
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    For the Love of God— I hope the sheet music to this never sees the light of day. Otherwise some "well meaning" music director would legitimately try and have this sung at Mass. Kyrie Eleison, indeed.

    Reminds me of Mark Schweizer's Missa Polly wolly doodle.
    "Lord, have mercy. Now we pray, singin' polly-wolly-doodle Kyrieeeeeeeee"
    I can't seem to find the links to this anymore.
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  • On the other hand, what I wouldn't give for a score of this... what a great little thing.
    I looked for the Missa Polly Wolly - but unfortunately SJMP is down...
  • Serviam,

    You have nothing to worry about. The link here is in Amusements, and it's marked at the link as a Parody. The Babylon Bee, the Onion and Eye of the Tiber are never mistaken for real news outlets....... oh.... maybe there is cause....
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    Is this the Polly Wolly Doodle Kyrie?
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    Wow. How do you sell this to adults? And why are there adults that buy it? Regardless of denomination and theology. What happened to taste and self respect?
    Is the video a concert?
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    Was waiting for the pyro technics...
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    Mark, that's the one, and this merely proves my point about how I hope the sheet music never sees the light of day. The fact that this is marked 'amusements' on this forum has no bearing on all those "well meaning" music directors that I mentioned above. This poor church did this as an actual anthem. Kyrie Eleison.
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    L'homme arme (purple)
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  • The Latin pronunciation has some issues, but with some pipe organ and an satb arrangement (both of which my parish’s DM has), this could be a great addition to Mass.
  • Sponsa,

    I notice a conspicuous lack of purple. Are you being serious or silly?
  • Chris,

    I’m not serious. However, there is an satb and pipe organ arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody that our music director has and can play on the organ. It makes me feel conflicted.
  • Sponsa Christi,

    TAndrews' comment notwithstanding, Bohemian Mass in B-flat shouldn't leave you conflicted. A great many beautiful things have no place in Mass: the conjugal life of sacramentally married spouses, for example, or my wife's Christmas ham.
  • I’m conflicted about our MD playing Bohemian Rhapsody on the organ at church, which is a blessed object and set aside for sacred use.

    It sounds so good when he plays it, but I don’t think he’s supposed to be playing it in church on the organ.