Whole set of responsorial psalm settings available
  • What feels like it was eons and eons ago, I wrote a set of responsorial psalm settings for OF Masses at first one and then the second school where I taught. They're designed to be sung without any organ accompaniment (and it goes without saying that no other instruments were foreseen.

    I think I still have them lying around in a file folder, hardcopy, but I don't (yet) have them electronically. Would anyone who works in a school be interested in my making them available?
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    These are daily Mass + Sundays?
  • If I recall correctly, I put them together over a series of school/parish positions, dating back nearly 30 years. I think they included both Sundays and mid-week Mass stuff, but I'll get back to you on that when I'm home and can pull the file to the computer. I don't THINK it covers every Sunday, or every feast day, if that's what you're asking. It might be tomorrow (Tuesday) before I can get to it, but your interest will spur me to act.
  • Here's a list of what's in the file folder:

    Mostly, obvious psalm tones.

    Pericopes, unless otherwise indicated:

    Ps. 33 (for the Solemnity of Ss. Peter and Paul)
    Ps 115 (for Corpus Christi)
    Ps 62 (for Ordinary Time, weeks 2 - 8) The second half of two verses is set for 3 voices)
    Ps 24 (for Advent)
    Ps 18 (no notation on the page as to use, but the response is "The Lord is kind and merciful")

    Ps 112 (for a wedding; at the bottom of the page is scribbled "with apologies to Franz Schubert", because the melody of the response is cribbed from his famous Ave Maria).

    Ps 129 (for Laetare Sunday)
    Ps 129 (using the response "With the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption"; marked "Tonus Peregrinus")

    Ps 21 (for Palm/Passion Sunday*, with the response "My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me")

    Ps 97 (marked "Christmas Eve", and using the response "Today is born a savior: Christ the Lord")

    Ps 50 (marked "as set for the Easter Vigil", using the response "Create in me a clean heart o God")

    Ps 115 (for Maundy Thursday)

    Ps 71 (for Epiphany)

    Ps 44 (for the Assumption; the second half of each verse is set for 3 voices)

    Ps 103 (for the Easter Vigil)

    Ps 8 (Trinity Sunday)

    Exodus 15 (3rd reading of the Vigil)

    Isaiah 12 (5th reading of the Vigil)

    Gospel Acclamation for the Easter Vigil -- appears to be a hand-written recopied borrowing of an existing alleluia.

    Ps 117 (Easter season; 2nd half of two verses set for 3 voices)
    Ps 46 (for the Ascension, but it assumes that it falls on a Thursday)

    Ps 103 (Pentecost)

    Ps 32 (Trinity Sunday, yr B)

    Ps 138 ( Nativity of John the Baptist)

    Ps 28 (not marked for a day; the response is "The Lord will bless His people with peace")

    Ps 121 (not marked for a day; the response is "Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord")

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