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  • I'm hoping that someone has Ps. 50 (Miserere mei), already written out in Mode 4, Pointed version rather than long-form welcome. I have found the psalm (incomplete) in the Liber, but not Mode 4.
  • FSSPmusic
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    I don't, but this tool should make it pretty easy to produce what you want:
    In the "Format verses as" box, select html
  • Thank you.
  • What program/app do I need to read the chant notation so I can print it? (I've managed to copy it to a Word file, but when I try to read the file, my computer tells me that I need to find an app which will open the file.)
  • davido
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    Chris, copy the code from the Bloomfield web app, and paste it here: https://www.sourceandsummit.com/editor/alpha/

    You can then generate a pdf or png file from the Source and Summit editor
  • Thank you, Davido.

    I successfully moved the music for the first verse. Which is easier to do, next: to have the pointed verses (with no notes) on the same page, or to have the entire psalm written out with musical notation?
  • davido
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    I think the bloomfield tool will fully notate all the verses for you. Then you could copy the whole thing to the editor.

    Pointed text you would have to create yourself.
  • stulte
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    I just tried playing with this a bit myself (again). The annoyance is that the psalm tool doesn't put everything together for you if you want the first verse notated and the remainder of the psalm in pointed text. My personal method of dealing with this is to use a program like MS Word (or Google Docs, or your favorite word processor program), paste a screenshot of the notated first verse into the document followed by copying and pasting the pointed text from the psalm tool. It would be nice if the tool did this for you without having the user resort to such workarounds, but beggars can't be choosers in this case unfortunately.
  • FSSPmusic
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    I was able to copy and paste the pointed text, formatting preserved, without any difficulty. PDF and MSWord files attached. It took less than five minutes!
  • FSSPmusic,

    Thank you for the encouragement (note conspicuous absence of purple). I'll have another go, so I can join the ranks of those pleased AND competent.
  • I'm missing something.

    I can load the first verse into Source and Summit.

    I can see the pointed verses, but not (somehow) keep them connected to the first verse.

    I'm hoping to add an antiphon, but if it comes to that, I'll do that manually, once I've printed the psalm, using scissors, tape and other similar things.

    I can even see the code for the syllables of the first verse. What I haven't figured out how to do is insert the verses inside that code, if that's the right procedure.

    And, with further tinkering I managed this:
  • Could you plod, a bit, and give me an exact procedure to follow?
  • FSSPmusic
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    Ok, here's about the best step-by-step I can do for you. You will need to download Inkscape. Open a browser tab for https://run.gregoriochant.org/ and apply the settings shown (or modify to your taste). Copy and paste the GABC code ending with the (::) after tuam, but remove the first verse number at the beginning. Press submit to generate a PDF. Save it, open it in Inkscape, then save as an .emf file. That is a high-quality graphic that is not rasterized (pixelated), which you can resize as needed in MSWord or some other program. You can copy the pointed verses directly from the bottom box of the psalm tone editor.image
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  • GerardH
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    +1 for using the EMF file type. SVG files downloaded from the Source & Summit Editor can also be opened in Inkscape, or even inserted directly into Word (except that cropping the image will cause it to rasterise/pixellate). It does usually require having the specific fonts already installed on the system though.
  • FSSPmusic,

    Thank you for all your help. I'm still not able to copy the pointed verses into anything, which I presume is my thick-headedness, but I've tried to copy them into Inkscape, and into gregoriochant.... and gone nowhere, which is (as you can probably imagine) frustrating for me.
  • FSSPmusic
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    Hmmm... Should be able to do it with Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v
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  • I've been combing through this post (above) trying to figure out if I've missed something. I might have found a small loose thread. You're copying and pasting into Microsoft Word. I don't use that program, opting for Open Office instead. Could the copy/paste problem be as simple to resolve as changing fonts in Open Office?
  • FSSPmusic
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    I don't know. I can't speak for Open Office, but in Word, if one uses Ctrl+Alt+v instead of just Ctrl+v, there is a list of options to choose from regarding formatting.
  • FSSPmusic
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    For what it's worth, I can paste the text from the psalm tone tool into Gmail with the formatting preserved, no problem.
  • I think I can do both operations separately, but how do I get the verses and the 1st verse w/ music to stick together?
  • FSSPmusic
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    I don't know a way to do that other than saving as a PDF and converting to another graphics file. Maybe someone else here has a good tip?
  • tomjaw
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    @CGZ I usually do the following,
    1. Save the GABC output as a pdf.
    2. I open the pdf and cut the music and transfer to a Word processing programme.
    3. I then can paste or type text under the music.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    2. I open the pdf and cut the music

    The legacy version of Source & Summit has a cropped pdf option that works well with Pages, but doesn't allow bold in the underlay. I'm having trouble with the newer interface https://www.sourceandsummit.com/editor/alpha/
    which seems only to make a page with lots of white margin.