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    Are Latin proper texts of the Liturgy of the Hours (e.g., antiphons, responsories, ...) for feasts and memorials that are not in the universal calendar but are celebrated in the United States (e.g., Elizabeth Ann Seton, Our Lady of Guadalupe, ...) available somewhere, either on-line or in a book?
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    Unless they have (collectively, or individually) they would be in the Commons for.....
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    Sorry, the question could have been clearer. I'm asking specifically about things that are NOT in the Commons. For example, for Raymond of Penyafort is listed in the universal calendar on January 7, and Elizabeth Ann Seton is listed on the U.S. calendar on January 4. In the printed Liturgy of the Hours, both saints have a proper reading and responsory (for the Office of Readings) and a proper collect. I can find the Latin proper parts for St. Raymond in the printed Liturgia Horarum or on-line at

    but where can I find the corresponding English proper parts for St. Elizabeth?
  • maybe if you contact the shrine where her sisters are they might be able to help you with old liturgies (because I am sure they do not use EF any more).
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    When a saint is inscribed in the General Roman Calendar, or a newly canonized saint is expected to be celebrated by more than one nation, Latin liturgical texts are usually prepared by the CDW and published in Notitiae. For Elizabeth Ann Seton Latin liturgical texts, unfortunately just for the Mass, are in Notitiae 114 (1976), p. 30ff.

    If the Latin texts are not prepared by the CDW, their preparation is left to the diocese or episcopal conference wishing to inscribe the saint in its liturgical calendar. But not all ecclesiastical subjects actually prepare the Latin versions of their proper liturgical texts (or they sometimes do and sometimes don't; or they do now for newly introduced feasts, but didn't do so in the past), and it seems that many of those which do prepare them and have them approved in Rome don't publish them afterwards.

    If you really wanted to know for sure if Latin LOTH texts of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton have ever been approved, you could check it by going through all years of Notitiae since her beatification until today, checking announcements of Latin text approvals for the USCCB and single American dioceses. (There's a useful index at the back of the last issue of each year.)
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    I would contact the Shrine in Emmitsburg first. There is a lay cantor/choir director there who chants Latin propers at masses at the shrine, he would probably know if anyone does