Cleveland, OH
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    Greg is retiring?! We go back to grad school.

    My view of where we are: The cathedral does the typical "mixed repertoire" of many cathedrals, but does it well, and has some good paid singers. Sundays aren't too bad, but I've found big events like Bp. Pilla's funeral to be disappointing. Bp. Malesic hasn't shown any clear leadership or direction (not a Cordileone/Sample situation) but he's also fairly new, and if he's so inclined, this would be his opportunity to act. Downtown has been pretty hands-off in the parishes except for stuff like the David Haas issue.

    Landscape change: by August the Bp. will be deciding how to implement Traditiones Custodes. We have something like 10 diocesan TLM sites. (Plus the SSPX, where the DM has taken the path of breeding his own Schola.) Reliable word is that the ICK may be coming in.

    Cleveland is a great town. Housing prices are reasonable, lotsa culture and education, weather not as bad as rumored (probably beats any other major Midwest city). I would really love to see a TradCat Music guy get in.
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