Date of Circumcision of Christ in the EF, 2023?
  • In the Ordo I’m looking at, I don’t see it. I have been known to miss the obvious.

    Many thanks.
  • In the 1960 Actae Apostolicae Sedis, one can find the changes made to the calendar, including:

    12. Mutatur denominatio :
    a) festi Circumcisionis Domini, in « Octava Nativitatis Domini »
    (1 ianuarii) ;
  • Thanks. I do not have that one bookmarked. Is there something a little more user friendly?

    One website confused it with the Baptism and I knew that wasn’t right.

    So the Octave take precedence? Because I don’t see it in the Ordo.


  • Kenneth,

    It's the Octave Day of Christmas, which is also the Feast of The Circumcision. This particular feast has switched names quite often, compared to (say) Easter.
  • So the texts are the same?
  • Ah, got it. Now the Liber makes sense to me. Thanks. Kenneth
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    And don't forget about the Indulgence for this day. You might print the Veni Creator for the congregation to sing with the choir, or to silently pray with them. An English translation is good for the latter.
  • tomjaw
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    Indulgenced Hymn here,

    Also we have another indulgence possible on New Years eve if we sing the Te Deum