Question about CCW website: I know I am being blind
  • I can't seem to find chants arranged according to the Ordinary Form on the CCW website. I am sure I am being blind.

    Can someone send me the link to that? I assume it exists.


  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    I'm not sure if he has it somewhere else, but here's an incomplete version of what I think you're looking for:
  • Thanks- that’s helpful. I don’t see this Sunday for Year A, but that’s ok. There are options and I know my MD would normally just take what’s on CCW. I’ll just have seven things to learn instead of five.

    Thanks again.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    The coming Sunday Jan 1st is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.
    It's on page 28 of Lalament Propers, and, confusingly, appears on the list cited above about halfway through and cited as Year B although it is the same any year. Lalament Propers does not tell you the optional verses for the Communion, which are either from Ps 44 vv 2ab, 9-14, or the Magnificat.
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    @amindthatsuits: Here is the archived version of the chants for Year A:

    Years B and C are available by changing the last letter of the URL.

    The chants for Jan 1 (Year A) can be found here.
  • Thanks to one and all.