Looking for a Setting of Lord, Make Me an Instrument/Prayer of St. Francis
  • I've been searching for a setting of Lord, Make Me an Instrument/Prayer of St. Francis that I sang at a church when I was in college. It was a powerful setting and it's been stuck in my head since, but I haven't been able to find the sheet music anywhere.

    I remember there being a baritone or cantor solo that starts on beat 2 (I think): (rest on beat 1) Lord, make me an instrument of thy/your peace, of thy/your peace., then the choir and congregation repeated it. It was in a minor key. The solo melody: la- sol do ti la sol mi sol- la- sol- fa- mi-- re mi la (low). It was such a strong setting unlike most of the pretty settings of the text, and I wish I could find the sheet music for it. There may have been an instrumental part too, but I'm not sure--this was almost 15 years ago now.

    Thanks for your efforts.
  • dlmcintyre3
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    Neither of these. Still haven't come across the piece.
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    Does the church you were at when you were in college still exist? Perhaps ask someone to look through their choral library
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    I remember doing a "Saint Patrick's Breastplate" in college where the choir was placed around the audience, singing "Christ at my side," etc. and actually having the sound come from that physical location. A cheesy idea, but the effect was stunning. Wish I could remember what the setting was, not that I would be able to use it in my current job.
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    Could it be Prayer of St Francis, composer Allen Pote, Hinshaw Music?
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    Here's a sublime a cappella arrangement of the Pote:

    MADZ in Taipei 02 Prayer of St. Francis - Allen Pote, arr. Robert Delgado
    Philippine Madrigal Singers
    width="1280" height="720">

    And here's a scrolling score video of a performance of the Pote original (piano accompaniment):

    width="1280" height="720">
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