Antiphonale study
  • davido
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    If one wanted to study the psalter antiphons of the Divine Office, what resources are there? Particularly those that analyze and categorize the melodic material and patterns found therein.
    Willi Apel lists Gaevert and a couple other 19th century sources. Is there anything more recent? Anything in English?

  • This is a good start:

    Navigation is a bit tedious and you need to brush up your German...
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  • Davido,

    I have a different suggestion: sing the Office, and (in this manner) become familiar with the antiphons.

    [Note: This amounts to telling people to go and do their own musicological analysis. It is an unhelpful response.--admin]
  • joerg
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    The PhD thesis by Ursula Stoffler -- another scholar of the Regensburg school -- is the most upto date study of these antiphons. It's recently been published as Die Antiphonen des Wochenpsalters (in German obviously). It's available as eBook, but not cheap; at least the digital appendix is freely downloadable: Digitaler Anhang