Christmas text for SLANE
  • Grace and peace, everyone. Here's a text that I wrote for the Irish tune SLANE awhile back. It can be a macaronic text, substituting the words "Cead mile failte" for "Welcome and welcome," below.

    1. Welcome and welcome, our Savior and King,
    Heaven-sent Infant, Your coming we sing;
    Welcome and welcome! How great is our joy;
    Let our hearts be Your hearts, O sweet holy Boy!

    2. Welcome and welcome, our Brother and Friend
    Whose life overflows from the Love without end;
    Welcome and welcome! All ready the feast;
    Let our house be Your house, O great Prince of Peace!

    3. Welcome and welcome, O bright morning Star
    Who clothes us in mercy, though sinners we are;
    Welcome and welcome, by angels adored;
    Let our world be Your world, Christ Jesus our Lord!
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    This is one of my favorite tunes!
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