Looking for beautiful Advent treble duets
  • Hi,

    I’m looking for some beautiful Advent treble duets that don’t drop below Bb. Upper range there really is no limit since this isn’t being used for voice. The more beautiful the harmonies, the better. Not really wanting anything with a lot dissonance.
  • Are you wanting things that also have an accompaniment (organ)? Or strictly two treble instruments?
  • Right now just two treble instruments. It’s for my private lessons with my teacher and I switching off on parts.

    God willing, some day I’ll be able to play with a pipe organ accompanying me again, but I’m not holding my breath.
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    Maybe you're being deliberately mysterious, but play what, exactly?

    The subtitled courses Chanter sur le livre à la Renaissance are quite delightful, with some 2-part exercises in gymel and canon.
  • I play the oboe.
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    I play the oboe.
    Thought so - the low Bb gave it away. But then, I play oboe, too (a Loree).
  • @SponsaChristi

    I am a flutist and the first Advent/Christmas duet (not Christmas carol) that came to mind was Calvisius' Verbum caro factum est for two equal voices:

    I was also thinking of two- and three-part choral works; I'll have to put a few brain cells on that as well.

    There are also two arrangements of "I saw three ships" at cpdl.org that would lend themselves to playful dueting, especially if either of you can read bass clef and transpose up an octave (I teach all my flute students how to do that so they can play along with hymns and create 'descants' on the fly from the alto and tenor parts). On the cpdl page scroll down to Arrangements: https://cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/I_saw_three_ships_come_sailing_in_(Traditional)

    The first of the two is lovely; the second one is really fun to pick out the quodlibet-ed other carols against the melody.

    I can also send you some things I have arranged for flutes (and put them in appropriate octaves) if you message me and give me a day or two (Immaculate Conception, Rorate Caeli Mass, and Gaudete Missae Cantatae staring me in the face this week!)
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