(Speculative) Music for Mass during time of blizzard?
  • My home town is digging out from (according to CNN) 6 feet of snow.
    Two persons interviewed by CNN hadn't read the script, and proclaimed this "not too bad, actually", or "normal for Buffalo", or something similar

    I know there's a (serious) set of Propers for Mass in time of plague (etc) but what might Propers for Mass in time of a blizzard be?

    PLEASE NOTE: while thoughtful answers will not be shunned, and, indeed could be positively welcomed, anyone who wants to comment on how awful the snow is in Buffalo is, and how we musicians should be taking it more seriously should, instead, comment somewhere else.

    In case you can't tell, I miss my home town's snow about now!
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    Is there a set of Propers which is weather-related?
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    There’s one of the Masses for Various Needs and Occasions, #37: For an End to Storms.

  • I can’t speak to the current Roman Missal, but the 1962 missal has various collects and prayers for certain occasions that can be added to votive Mass. There are also various votive Masses for certain intercessions.

    As for specific Mass propers, that’s something else. There is a Mass for Our Lady of the Snow. There’s also Our Lady of the Cape from whence Catholics in Quebec were trying to build a church but couldn’t get the supplies needed because of the river. Through Mary’s intercession, the river froze over so that supplies could be brought over the river.
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    Then you can imagine the music in this place in Lackawanna:

    (link to 360 degree PanoSphere of Our Lady of Victory Basilica):

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  • The Sunday after Easter a few years back in MN, we had a big blizzard. I had stayed the night at the church to make sure that I would be there the next morning.

    Much of the choir couldn’t show up, but a whole retreat group that had been staying at the retreat center on the lake were stuck, mostly high school age girls. They showed up early for the principal Mass, about 20-30 of them, and were available and able to help sing, thanks to the fact that I had a good relationship with the Schoenstatt sisters who ran the retreat center, who are vey musical.

    So, even though the church was just about a quarter full, we had by far the largest choir of the season.