Hodie Christus Natus Est - New Composition
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    Several years ago I was tinkering with trying out polyphonic ideas. I ended up writing part of an Alleluia and since I liked what I had, I decided to add on to it with the intention of composing a motet that my choir can sing. It turned into something they can't sing (at least not at this point), but I thought I'd post it here if anyone is interested in trying it or providing useful feedback.
  • This is beautiful, beautifully written, and most evocative of the joys of the Christmastide.
    I could be sitting in King's College hearing it waft about the vaulted spaces.
    Send it to Edmund Murray, choirmaster and organist at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham.
    He might be interested to do it.
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    Thanks for the compliments. It's my first attempt at polyphonic motet, so it's very encouraging to get such praise. If someone does use it, It'd be great to hear a recording so I can actually hear what it sounds like (outside of digital sound and my head).

    If I send it to him, am I supposed to say you told me to?

    Thanks again.