incense and organ health
  • sbgreen
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    Does anyone know of a type of incense that won't gum up the magnets in organ stops? We use incense at least twice every weekend. This is a perpetual problem at our 150 year old church. Thanks for any advice!
  • GambaGamba
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    What kind of air is the organ currently getting? Ideally the blower should have a well-filtered intake (like actual filters, not a piece of cheesecloth), to keep the insides of the chests squeaky-clean.
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  • CharlesW
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    Absolutely, Gamba. I had a filter put on the blower room door and bought the very best 3M filters I could find to filter the air going into the instrument. Also, I hope you are using good incense and not the synthetic frankincense kind. Look at Orthodox supply houses for quality incense. It costs more but is worth it.
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  • ServiamScores
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    I have never heard of magnets being “gummed up” by incense. Unless the intake to the blower is right by the altar, you shouldn’t be looking at any significant risk; or put differently, there is nothing particular about incensing vs any other thing that happens in churches (not the least of which is significant temperature and humidity swings) and it is an occupational hazard, of sorts. Organs have dealt with it for centuries. Every organ needs re-leathering every 30-60 years, even without significant incense exposure. If you are having regular and perpetual issues with your valves, I highly suspect that something other than incense is at play (poor craftsmanship, poor design, sub par components, or insufficient preventative maintenance, etc.).
  • CharlesW
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    If they are using that cheap and so-called, Roman incense, it has wood shavings in it to create smoke. It can leave a film on everything it touches so I could understand if that is what they are using. Other than that, I would want more information on those magnets.