Mozart K. 321 Vocal Score
  • I am in need of a vocal score with keyboard reduction for Mozart's Sunday Vespers, K. 321 (not to be confused with Solemn Vespers of a Confessor, K. 339) quick—not an orchestral organ part, and not an organ solo arrangement. Would anyone here be willing to scan one movement for me (4. Laudate pueri) if you have a public domain edition? No luck on IMSLP or CPDL
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    I found this on CPDL — is this what you're looking for?

    While it looks like just a keyboard doubling of the vocal lines, it is in fact a keyboard reduction of the full score. Consider:
    — The keyboard part ventures beyond the voice parts in mm.33-36 and mm.65-end.
    — The full score indicates that the string lines double the vocal lines, except in the passages noted, where they add some decoration.
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  • Thanks, CGM. I had seen that edition but spotted an error already in the fourth measure. I played through it and there are many other mistakes in it. Somebody was able to point me to a digital copy, so the problem is solved.