Sacred Music Budget Research Request
  • I am a graduate student writing a research paper on comparing the patronage system surrounding Palestrina in the Counter-Reformation and music and patronage in the post Vatican II era, some of the current issues surrounding music funding, and some proposed solutions for the Church. I was curious if anyone would have any idea where I could find records of music budgets from the past few years (if that information is even accessible) or if anyone would be able to provide some of their own music budget's information to include in my research.
  • Bri
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    Diocesan financial directors typically collect budgets from parishes and schools. Some might be willing to share this information under certain circumstances.

    Feel free to pm me for more info regarding how this works in the diocese I work for. I might be able to recommend some folks you could reach out to.

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  • Churches have budgets?
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  • CharlesW
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    Amen, Pax. I paid for most of our choir music out of my own pocket for 20 years. What is this budget of which the original poster speaks? Not familiar with that term.
  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    Pax & Charles. Yes, churches have budgets. For things the pastor and the congregation find important, not for non-important add-ons, like music.
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  • ServiamScores
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    Mercifully, music is a part of our church's budget (not least of all my salary). While the funds I can personally control are relatively limited, mercifully, I am not left with nothing. I am one of the fortunate ones whose pastor finds liturgy and music exceptionally important... that's why I exist at all, when so many other churches refuse to support a full-time musician.