Advent Alleluia: "Alleluia Rorate Caeli"
  • Greetings all,
    Someone recently contacted me about my Advent Alleluia whose melody is based on the Rorate Cæli antiphon. I'd like to share a link to listen/purchase it here, in case it would be of benefit to any of your music programs. Lo these last two years, I have tried to base nearly all of my compositions/arrangements on some Gregorian theme. In this case, I wanted a penitential-sounding Alleluia that wasn't a mere trope of one of the melodies that are commonly over-used (think: Alleluias based on Veni Veni Emmanuel, for instance); that is where the rather seasonally-appropriate Rorate cæli desuper came in.

    As is typical with my compositions, there is a comprehensive SATB practice track available on my ServiamScores YouTube channel, and when you purchase the score for a nominal fee (just enough to keep the lights on) you can print as many copies as needed, and I'm also happy to furnish an PDF of the melody for worship aids if that would be of benefit to you.
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  • penitential-sounding Alleluia

    I'm going to let that sink in.

    If I have a chance, today, I'll listen to it.
  • Well, I'm told that in days of yore, Advent was nearly as penitential as Lent.

    We've turned it into a post-Coca Cola Santa Clause, cheery muzak "season", culturally speaking... but that should have little recourse to our actual liturgical season.
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    ... in days of yore, Advent was nearly as penitential as Lent.
    For some it still is.
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  • I also try to treat Advent more solemnly. And we use very little organ during advent.
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