Recommended Organ/Trumpet Combo Pieces?
  • Any recommendations for repertoire that includes trumpet player and organist? As in, any trumpet voluntaries you particularly enjoy? Or pieces of any type?
  • LarsLars
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    I have a violinist, so we frequently play baroque organ pieces that have a distinct melody line, such as this
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  • CGM
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    There are two sonatas for trumpet and keyboard by Italian baroque composer Giovanni Bonventura Viviani. I'm told that No.1 is a staple of the trumpet repertory. Both comprise several short movements, are in C-Major, and are on IMSLP:
    — Sonata Prima
    — Sonata Seconda

    Also, English baroque composer John Stanley wrote dozens of voluntaries in numerous keys for solo organ, whose bouncier movements work very well for trumpet & organ duo. In fact, the second movement, in D Major, of his Op.6, No.5 is very often performed this way, renamed as "Trumpet Voluntary." His scores on IMSLP:
    — Ten voluntaries, Opus 5
    — Ten voluntaries, Opus 6
    — Ten voluntaries, Opus 7

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  • I could split apart my ‘Voluntary for a Short Procession’ which has proven rather popular.
  • Stimson,

    I'm in the process of writing just such a piece, but I don't know how long it will take to be completed.
  • CGM
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    Henry Purcell (another English baroque composer, three generations before Stanley) also wrote "trumpet tunes" for the organ that would work well as organ-trumpet duets. These four might be played individually, or grouped together as a suite:
    — Trumpet Tune / Cebell
    — Air
    — Trumpet Tune
    — Voluntary

    And this one I've played in a version scored out for two trumpets and organ, though IMSLP has just the original organ score:
    — Voluntary
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  • rollingrj
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    "Prayer of St. Gregory" by Alan Hovhaness.
  • There are lots of organ and trumpet pieces in collections of wedding music used for processionals.
  • kevinfkevinf
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    "Gloria" by John Brodbin Kennedy for trumpet and organ.