Salus et Gloria during Ordinary Time
  • Greetings, brothers in Christ.

    I was just wondering how exactly should the canticum Salus et Gloria be sung during Ordinary Time. Is the antiphon from the Liturgy of the Hours to be omitted? Ordo cantus Officii 2015 contains just the following text instead of a reference to any antiphon:

    Tempore per annum canticum Salus et gloria cantatur more responsoriali vetustissimi cum Alleluia.

    So I guess this means the antiphon from LoTH is just omitted. Is that right?
  • That's right: the canticle Salus et gloria is sung in a responsorial way without an antiphon during Ordinary Time. Outside Ordinary Time, it is also sung responsorially (in Lent there's another canticle, from 1 Peter 2), but with an antiphon before and after.

    For the different melodies contained in the Antiphonale Romanum II, see (look for Salus et gloria).
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