Looking for Score: Deus Deus meus quare me dereliquisti?
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    Dear all,

    again I am looking for a score and again I am inspired by a recording from Westminster Cathedral Choir. It's from their latest CD "Vexilla Regis" which was published by the Buckfast Abbey label "Ad fontes". You can hear the beginning of the piece and download the booklet here:


    So, basically the men are singing the antiphon "Deus, Deus meus, quare me dereliquisti?" and then a solo voice is singing verses in a highly melismatic manner, comparable to a gradual verse. But I could nowhere find a score, not in my books, not on gregobase and even my monastic friends don't know the chant. So it might be that they wrote something in a Gregorian style and there is no score publicly available, but maybe one of you knows more about it? I would love to use it next Lent.

    All the best!
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    I have not heard the antiphon before but the psalm verse is from a Tract, the second verse of this, https://gregobase.selapa.net/chant.php?id=372

    If you can transcribe the music from ear you could use this to find music http://www.globalchant.org N.B. This database is far from complete!
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    Thank you so much! The antiphon is easy to transcribe, but the verses would have been a mess... I'll have a look into the database.