Enthusing an Unaccompanied Congregation
  • Complementary to the other thread, I was wondering what members’ strategies are for leading / teaching new unaccompanied congregational music.
  • Prayer. (Not joking…) and repetition are, so far, the only thing I’ve found that make any dent whatsoever. Well, these, and seeding a few strong singers in the pews.

    This is such a difficult thing to do; I ask Jesus & Mary to enthuse people’s hearts to sing all the time.
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  • Nihil,

    Make absolutely sure that you're not asking them to sing campfire music at Mass.
  • Not a problem you need to worry about with Nihil, I assure you.
  • Serviam,

    I have heard many apocryphal stories of the encouragement to put the rosary away and hold hands and sing the musical equivalent of Kumbaya so, while I don't remember them at first hand, I know they did happen. I'm pleased that most on this forum won't suffer from that dereliction of duty.
  • I meant the Latin Chants for the Ordinary for the Requiem Mass in a week, since they sing several Gregorian Ordinaries well, but only in response to the loud organ swelling the lay, as it were.
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    yeow... not to a congregation in a week!
  • Not hard, tho? Everybody knows the Sanctus and Agnus. Kyrie is a single melody... and that’s it for Ordinary.
  • More was just wondering what people do to cue the congregation to sing heartily in the context of unaccompanied monody. (Here, I guess congregational things were accompanied during Advent and Lent). What I ended up doing worked pretty well, tho (we had a Requiem tonight for the 20th anniversary of death of a beloved pastor).
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    The magic ingredient is confidence. The chant Ordinary is designed to be lead by the intonation of a cantor. Some people have, or have learnt, the ability to get others to follow, but others (and I knew one who was precentor of Westminster Cathedral) are too diffident.
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  • My own personal approach is to start with a very strong incipit with the voice alone, and then accompany the congregation with the melody soloed out, usually on a cornet. This really helps to bring out the melody and allows the accompaniment to fade to the back of the texture. My congregation seems to respond well to this.
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