Playing Mass Ordinary as instrumental
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    I was at the EF low mass today, the organist played the typical processional/ offertory/communion/
    but he also surprised me by playing kyrie/gloria/sanctus/agnus dei on the organ. Just curious what are your thoughts. I know there is some consensus on not singing the ordinary or propers at low mass, and technically there was no singing.
  • Which setting?
    If he played an intabulation of a polyphonic Mass, that's probably OK, particularly if there was no attempt to cue the music to the liturgical action. If it was Gregorian, and particularly to one of the better-known settings (VIII as opposed to VII), I'd call it rubric-pushing, and ask why.
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    I used to attend a traditional low mass where the priest supplied the organist with copies of the ordinary to play as “improvisations” during appropriate parts of the mass.
  • Lars,

    If there's to be music at a Low Mass (which is a different discussion), my rule is that we should follow Pope St. Pius X's sensible admonition: don't sing at Mass, but rather sing the Mass. Accordingly, I use portions of the Ordinary appropriate for the given Mass, and extracts from the Propers.
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  • The former Ecclesia Dei Commission said there was no prohibition against singing parts of the Ordinary or Proper at Low Mass, but that the practice was not recommended. If you're already doing that, you might as well get the priest on board and have a Sung Mass. When I've played for Low Mass, I've often played right out of the Bragers Graduale, soloing out the melody, but never anything from the Kyriale.
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