Quick question - common fonts with lowercase qu ligature?
  • Does anyone know off the top of their head, what common font(s) would have a lowercase "qu" ligature? I also need it to have "st", but that seems more common.

    [Don't waste time on the question, but if you have an easy answer, I will appreciate it.]
  • tomjaw
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    st U+FB06

    Baskerville, Geneva, Hoefler, Palatino, Apple Chancery

    Have not been able to find a unicode for qu
  • MatthewRoth
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    EB Garamond (both the original and Pardo versions have the st ligature), which I use for my chant scores and psalmody.

    I don’t think a “qu” ligature would exist outside of italics (and the EB Garamond documentation is bad, one of its flaws, so I can’t really tell what’s available at the moment)

    I hate the punctuation of Requiem (from Hoefler), and I strongly considered using it as it’s a pro font with appropriate documentation. (The name was appealing for obvious reasons.) It too has the appropriate historical ligatures if I’m not mistaken.
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Linux Libertine G
    Qu ligature: U+E048 (also in Libertine Display G)
    Caps/smallcaps Qu ligature: U+E093
    Caps/smallcaps qu ligature: U+E094

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  • a_f_hawkins
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    Lowercase qu ligatures exist, but where?
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  • Tbh, I suspect that for some fonts it is not an actual ligature, but merely a result of nicely crafted tucking indexes. Well-developed fonts have LUTs with spacing instructions for each combination of letters. The end result can be what appear as ligatures but aren’t in the formal sense. (Conversely, I’m sure some fonts DO have this as a selectable ligature too.)
  • francis
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    Another option is to use a font app and create your own ligature and install it into one of your own font sets. This requires knowing how to use vectors (Bézier curves and line tools)