Music for Notre Dame PreGame Mass ...

  • Hi folks, looking for suggestions for music suitable for a Notre Dame PreGame Mass ... Mass to be held in Las Vegas. Any suggestions are welcome. I would love to get a hold of the Notre Dame Victory March score ... if you have a copy I would muchly appreciate it. Cheers, Bob
  • MarkB
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    Copy of the victory march here:

    But you have to subscribe to download the pdf.

  • Thank you Mark! b
  • I’m going to go out on a limb here and observe that any reference to football should be rather tempered during mass. PLEASE don’t make the MASS about FOOTBALL. Celebrate a holy mass and then enjoy the rest of the day.

  • Exactly ... thank you. Bob
  • Notre Dame...Saturday...perhaps a Mass/music of the BVM...the Alma Mater (Notre Dame, Our Mother) maybe at the end of Mass, but save the Victory March for the stadium.
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  • Music devoted to the BVM is an excellent idea.

    And perhaps you just sing the victory March AFTER the final hymn, and after the priest had processed out, so it is clearly taking place after the Mass, properly speaking.