Pange Lingua in Early Polyphony/Organum (14th century style)
  • Dear Brethren,

    Laudetur Jesus Christus et Beata Marie Virginis!

    I happened to have copied some office hymns from the wonderful series "Polyphonic music of the fourteenth century (various volumes) (Schrade, Leo) (Monaco : Éditions de l'Oiseu-Lyre)

    However one of the hymns I do not have a three voice setting for and wish I did is that of the "Pange Lingua" . Is there anyone here who has seen or could provide, point me in the direction of a particular version that is based upon the more common melody we know and love in Mode 3. Preferably a version that is of the more simply polyphonic (almost homophonic) nature for ideally three voices, but I may be content with two or four voices as well.

    Anyone have any ideas? The wonderful world of digitized and facsmilie MS. are out there to peruse to find such a blessed sonorous gem to delight the divine hopes and inspirations in a rural village of parishioners sometime soon, May the intercession of St Cecilia be with you to find something for us!
  • 3 unmixed voices? Apt seems to be missing one. Go a little bit later and the Trent codices have several, and the CPDL Pange lingua page is waiting for a volunteer to add a couple more to the list. Dufay's might be hard to beat, though.
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  • I am sorry to say I am not especially fond of Dufay's music. His was the only example I came across that was in the direction of what I was looking for, but for the most part I find his work very odd.