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    For the fall of 2023, Wyoming Catholic College seeks to a hire a professor capable of teaching our music courses for non-majors in a highly interdisciplinary environment. The ideal candidate will be capable of teaching least one other subject in our integrated, pre-set curriculum. The professor is expected to grow to appreciate the wider curriculum of the College as a whole, and to work to integrate the particular courses he or she will teach with the various strands of the curriculum. The position is full-time.

    The applicant should be capable of collaborating with our inter-disciplinary faculty to develop, teach, and mentor colleagues into teaching two music courses: 1.) a freshman course that will be experiential and elementary in nature, providing a basic introduction to singing and solfège while introducing reflections about the nature of music along the lines suggested by classic authors of antiquity and their successors in the Catholic philosophical tradition, and 2.) a second upper level course devoted to the study of the history of music in its essential dimensions, and to place in a larger historical, aesthetic, philosophical and theological context the works they will listen to and discuss. The hope is that students would come away not only with a basic chronological framework for great composers and their music but also a fundamental understanding of and ability to communicate how the content of this course can illuminate and be illuminated by other disciplines the students have already studied.

    The applicant will preferably have a doctorate. Especially desired is a candidate who has benefited from a traditional liberal arts education that will enable him or her to teach music with a sympathetic awareness of the principles, methods, and Great Books of other disciplines. A mature understanding and appreciation of the spiritual and religious dimensions of great art will make the applicant more suitable to the overall educational mission of Wyoming Catholic College.

    The applicant should understand and agree with the vision and mission of Wyoming Catholic College as articulated in the Philosophical Vision Statement and the Catalog (both of which are available on the College’s website). This understanding should be manifested in the letter of intent.

    Faculty are typically required to teach a course load of 12 hours per week, to direct one or more theses, and to assist in some administrative duties. Faculty at WCC are committed to teaching and serving students as their first and foremost responsibility. Salary and benefits are competitive.

    Interested applicants may wish to apply for the part-time position of Director of Sacred Music, also posted on our website. A candidate who would like to fulfill both positions, would either receive a 3-credit reduction of his or her teaching load, or be paid on an overload basis for the position.

    Faculty at Wyoming Catholic College are committed to teaching and serving students as their first and foremost responsibility. At the beginning of each academic year, all Catholic faculty make a Profession of Faith and take the Oath of Fidelity, and non-Catholic faculty make a pledge to respect the teachings of the Catholic Church.

    Wyoming Catholic College welcomes applications for this position regardless of the
    applicant’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.

    A letter of intent, a curriculum vitae, and three names of academic reference (letters will be requested at a later date) should be sent to the acting Academic Dean, Kyle Washut, Wyoming Catholic College, 306 Main St., Lander, WY 82520, or by email to Applications by Nov. 1 preferred.
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