Quick help and advice - program titles
  • GavinGavin
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    I'm going to be giving a concert at my new job in a few weeks of American organ music. I'm trying to come up with a good kitschy name for publicity purposes. I was thinking "Patriotism and Pipes" (or Pipes and Patriotism). Like it? Hate it? Any other suggestions?

    And obviously, since I'll be making a decision soon, any other comments on programming for recitals would be apt here.
  • 'Just to ride a pony'
    'Lafayette, I have returned'
    'Patriot [pipe] dreams'
    'The Yanks are coming'

    The Battle of Trenton is fun.
  • Pes
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    "The Stars and Pipes Forever"
  • GavinGavin
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    I really like that one, Pes, thanks!

    And if anyone's returning from the colloq through the Detroit area, drop by on the 28th for our parish festival, fireworks, and organ concert!
  • eft94530eft94530
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    gavin: "comments on programming"

    Here is a program I put together for July 2008

    Scores at

    A Century of American Organ Music (1776-1876) edited by Barbara Owen. Four Volumes.
    Sadly, not available there anymore.

    Wesley, God Save the King with New Variations (WL700018) Our Price: 8.00
    Thayer, God Save the King [Variations] (WL700024) Our Price: 10.00
    Paine, The Complete Organ Works, Volume 1, Previously Published Compositions (WL600038) Our Price: 25.00
    Janzer, Intrada and Trumpet Tune on National Hymn (WL700021) Our Price: 8.00
    also look for their American Flag icons
    and these
    The Organ Music of Edwin H. Lemare Series II (Transcriptions)
    Volume 1 - The Encore Series (WL600010) Our Price: 32.50
    Volume 8 - English, Irish, and American Songs (WL600028) Our Price: 32.50
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    I know you're not looking for repertoire recommendations, but while we're on the "American lit" subject, here's some American organ music I've performed:

    Dudley Buck: Grand Sonata in E-flat major (4 mvts, the concluding music is a Fugue/Finale with the fugue subject being a highly ornamented statement of "Hail, Columbia!" which was the previous "President's March" before "Hail to the Chief.")

    Eugene Thayer: Variations on the Russian National Hymn ("God The Omnipotent")

    George Whiting: Postlude
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