Propers for TLM feast of Our Lady of Charity, Patroness of Cuba?
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    Hi friends,

    This may be a long shot. We are in the U.S., but our pastor is a Cuban refugee, and our parish has a history of welcoming Cuban immigrants years ago when they were fleeing from the political situation there. We are also home to the only TLM in our city. We would like to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Charity, since she is the patroness of Cuba, in the usus antiquior form. Her feast is September 8th.

    Does anyone know whether there are specific propers for Our Lady of Charity? Or would we have to use a common of the BVM? If there were specific ones already assigned, I would like to use those, but I am not sure where to start sleuthing to find them!

  • I'm not familiar with Our Lady of Charity, but note that September 8 is also the second class feast of the Nativity of our Lady, for which propers are laid out in the Liber.
    Any chance Our Lady of Charity simply uses the same propers as her Nativity?
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    The other option would be using the common… however, I think you're better off celebrating the Nativity and holding special devotions to the patroness of Cuba after Mass; it's not really licit to celebrate the other feast as such, and honestly, it wreaks a lot of havoc if you do bump around feasts (particularly one where the date isn't arbitrary; it depends on being nine months away form the Immaculate Conception!)
  • EMH,

    How did you discover that her feast is on September 8th? That's the trail of breadcrumbs I would follow to find Propers for the feast, if they exist. You may find that the feast is only on the diocesan calendars of the dioceses of Cuba.
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    National Shrine of Our Lady of Charity, Miami -
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    Looked a bit on Google and "Cuban Missal 1962" returned a lot of results about the missile crisis. "Misal Diario" returned more hits, including one with a Proprio de America section, which had the patron saints of many different L. American countries, but Cuba was not included...
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