Source and Summit Editor (Alpha) - pdfs breaking
  • veromaryveromary
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    The PDFs generated by the Alpha version of the Source and Summit editor seem to be very broken. Adobe Reader just flat out won't open them. Other PDF viewers add in rectangles and even the browser viewer doubles the letters. It's very odd.
    The Legacy Illuminare Editor works fine though.
    Anyone know who to contact to see if they can make a stable beta halfway app between the two?
  • smvanroodesmvanroode
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    The entire website seems to be down right now. 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
  • MatthewRoth
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    The website is working for me. The PDF opens correctly in Preview on MacOS, but I get a staff with no notes in Adobe Reader.
  • chonakchonak
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    If I understand right, the new app is not actually running Gregorio to produce its outputs, so it is not surprising that its PDF output is not always interchangeable with that of the old version. My engraver at is still working, as far as I know.
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  • MatthewRoth
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    ^What? That's… not good.