Liturgical calendar index (using airtable)
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    Hi sacred music colleagues-

    I want to start building a cross-linked spreadsheet of the 3-year OF liturgical cycle on airtable, to make it easier to organize rehearsal tracks to send to our musicians.

    My two requests are:

    1. If you've already built some kind of similar spreadsheet of the liturgical cycle, on whatever software, please let me know; I would dearly love to purloin it and save myself oodles of typing.
    2. If you're interested in purloining my table, do let me know, and I'll happily share it with you as I build it.
    3. If you have any suggestions, ideas, encouragements or cautions on the matter, please send them along.

    I'm thinking I can get the cross-indexing with my roster and music library by using columns like

    -Year (A/B/C)
    -Tags of themes in the propers
    -Levels of solemnity

    I'll be thrilled if Source and Summit ever integrates something like this.

    Keep up the good work everyone!
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