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    Job Title: Director of Music Written/Revised: July 1, 2022
    Parish: Saint Mary, Delaware FLSA Code: Exempt
    Responsible to: Pastor

    St. Mary Catholic Church is a vibrant and growing parish community of 1400 families, including a K-8
    school. The parish is located adjacent to Ohio Wesleyan University in downtown Delaware, Ohio (half
    an hour north of Columbus). We are seeking a full-time Director of Music.

    The Director of Music works with the pastor, choir members, cantors, and other musicians to offer
    praise to God through sacred music. He/she is responsible for providing a sacred music program that
    beautifies the liturgy and draws the faithful into more active participation in the Sacred Mysteries.
    Therefore, the director of music must have a thorough understanding of the Church’s liturgy and sacred
    music tradition. He/she must also excel at recruiting, motivating, and training parishioners of various
    ages and skill levels. Given our proximity to Ohio Wesleyan and high schools with exceptional music
    programs, there are many opportunities to collaborate with trained musicians.

    The Director of Music is responsible for playing the organ and preparing the choir/cantor for the 4:30
    pm Saturday anticipatory Mass, as well as the 9 am and 11:30 am Masses on Sunday. In addition, he/she
    oversees the musicians who provide music at the 2 pm Spanish Mass and 5:30 pm Mass.

    St. Mary’s organ is approximately 30 years old but was built to emulate the classical tracker organs of
    Europe. It is voiced in a Northern Germanic Style and the swell and great manuals are finished in
    natural wood tones. In keeping with its roots, it has no pistons and requires creativity to be able to add
    or subtract voices during hymn playing. There are 6 voices on the swell manual and 8 voices on the
    great manual. The swell manual can be coupled to both the great and pedal manuals. The great manual
    can also be coupled to the pedal manual. The stop controls were digitized about 5 years ago along with
    a redesign of the swell crescendo pedal to operate more efficiently. Future upgrades to the organ are
    being planned.

    Salary is commensurate with candidate’s experience, starting at $52,000 with additional income from
    funerals and weddings. We offer a full complement of benefits, including health, dental, vision, life,
    short & long-term disability, and matching 403(b). Full time benefits are according to Diocesan policy.
    Please send your resume and cover letter to Mr. Ray Reno at


    1. Play the organ for weekend liturgies (4:30, 9, and 11:30 Masses), Holy Days, Funerals, Weddings, and
    other special liturgies (Confirmation, Penance services, etc.)

    2. Direct and rehearse choirs/cantors for various liturgies; develop choir members’ vocal techniques

    3. Recruit and develop choirs/cantors on a regular basis

    4. Prepare music for choir/musicians and music aids for parishioners each weekend

    5. Play the organ and choose music for the weekly All School Mass and other school liturgies (8th-grade
    graduation, May Crowning, etc.)

    6. Collaborate with the school music teacher to train and rehearse the school choir

    7. Give direction and support to musicians who provide music at Spanish Mass and 5:30 pm Mass

    8. Develop and maintain relationships with musicians and organizations in the community

    9. Coordinate and rehearse auxiliary instrumentalists as needed for special liturgies (e.g., Christmas,
    Easter, etc.)

    10. Organize periodic music programs for parishioners and the wider Delaware community (e.g., Advent
    Lessons and Carols, Ecumenical Good Friday Service, Solemn Vespers)

    11. Attend all Liturgy Committee meetings

    12. Ensure all parish music is used/reprinted in compliance with copyright laws

    13. Arrange for regular organ and sound system maintenance as needed


    1. Proficiency in organ is required.

    2. Minimum 3 years of parish music experience or similar experience is required.

    3. Knowledge of Catholic liturgical music documents and Catholic liturgy is required.

    4. Experience with directing choirs is required.

    5. Familiarity with Gregorian Chant is required.


    Employee understands that as an employee of a Catholic Institution Employee is expected to abide by
    Catholic Church teachings, both within and outside their employment duties, and regardless of her/his
    religious affiliation. As such, Employee agrees to refrain from conduct or lifestyle which would be in
    contradiction to Catholic doctrine or morals. The employee also agrees to comply with and act consistently
    in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and the rules, regulations, and policies of
    the employing agency and the Diocese of Columbus now in effect or that may hereinafter be adopted
    governing this employment, including but not limited to the attached Adherence to Church Teachings policy.
    Employee understands and agrees that the Employer has the right to dismiss Employee for violation of these
    standards, thereby terminating any and all rights Employee may have to continued employment.


    All personnel who serve in Catholic employment are expected to be examples of Catholic moral
    behavior and professionalism. All personnel, regardless of their religious affiliation, are therefore
    required to abide by the moral values advanced by the teachings of Christ, the tenets of the Catholic
    Church, and the policies and regulations of the Diocese and the employing agency or office. Personnel
    may be disciplined or terminated for violations of these standards, or any conduct which appears to
    reject or offend the teachings, doctrines, or principles of the Catholic Church. While there may be
    others not mentioned below, examples of conduct that may result in termination of employment include:
    (a) public support of activities or publically espousing beliefs contrary to Catholic Church teaching; (b)
    public statements disparaging or causing contempt against religion in general or the Catholic Church in
    particular; (c) entry into a marriage which is not recognized by the Catholic Church; (d) having an
    abortion or publicly supporting abortion rights; (e) sexual relations (same or opposite sex) outside the
    institution of marriage as recognized by the Catholic Church; (f) pursuing or publically supporting in 3
    vitro fertilization. The teachings of the Catholic Church can be found in “The Catechism of the Catholic
    Church” which is online at

    Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the Diocesan Human Resources Director at
    614-241-2537 or For CONFIDENTIAL questions or concerns, please
    e-mail your question to

    I understand this job description and its requirements; I understand that this is not an exclusive list of the
    job functions and that I am expected to complete all duties as assigned; I understand the job functions
    may be altered by management without notice; I understand that this job description in no way
    constitutes an employment agreement and that I am an at-will employee.
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