Processionale monasticum
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    This has to be categorized under curiosity, because I have no intention of becoming a Benedictine postulant.

    On a nice lazy Saturday morning I decided to go through all the wonderful Solesmes books that I bought when they were on sale. The Processionale Monasticum is a slender book to begin with, but I notice that pp 288-307 are missing and the chants on those pages are crossed out in the index. Can anyone tell me the reason?

    Fr Columba Kelly, OSB (RIP), was frank in saying the missing pages in the chants he himself wrote for St Meinrad Archabbey were deleted because they weren’t any good in actual practice—a exemplary bit of honesty and self-awareness. Looking at the titles that are crossed out in the PM, I can’t see how that was the reason.

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    Would that include 'for the reception of the Emperor'?, probably a waste of paper and ink!
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    You can see for yourselves what's missing in the reprint: Processionale Monasticum (1893).

    Would that include 'for the reception of the Emperor'?, probably a waste of paper and ink!

    No worries, it's in the reprint, p. 310. You can receive your emperor with due ceremonial.
  • From the Forward to the PM:

    Enfin, par économie, on a réduit de 364 a 288 le nombre des
    pages, en supprimant quelques pièces de chant qui ont été reprises
    dans le Graduale Romanum sous une forme différente qui fait autorité depuis longtemps, et, surtout dans l'appendice, nombre de
    textes inutiles ou qui peuvent être trouvés ailleurs. Il ne faut donc
    pas s'étonner si la numérotation des pages n'est pas continue. La
    table des matières, corrigée en conséquence, montre le détail de
    ces modifications.

    So they've omitted stuff that's easily available elsewhere, especially from the Graduale.
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    Your emperor? More like, your emperor, Steven! :)
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    I'd forgotten I'd posted this. They make some mention of different forms as well. Ok, so I'll poke around. Many thanks.