Asking suggestions for SA(T)B/organ pieces of average difficulty
  • Heath
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    Friends, I occasionally have need for SA(T)B pieces of average difficulty for choir AND for the organist (I'm good, not great).

    Two excellent examples:

    Lead Me, Lord (Wesley)
    Ave Verum Corpus (Elgar)

    Any others you can suggest? English or Latin is fine.
  • Mozart's Ave Verum is the obvious one, I think (I've attached Charles Geffen's SAB arrangement).
  • My Jesu Dulcis Memoria (both 3 and 4 part settings) meet your criteria, except that they have no organ part.


    Just recently, I heard Mozart's Ave Verum performed in an uncringeworthy manner. It's an isolated event in my own experience.
  • davido
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    My shepherd will supply my need arr by V. Thomson comes in SAB/organ. Tessitura of the bass part is exceeding high though
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