How do you like The Collegeville Chant Psalter?
  • MarkB
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    I'm probably going to ditch OCP's Respond & Acclaim in September (praise the Lord) in favor of The Collegeville Chant Psalter as my parish's responsorial psalm collection.

    Do any of you use the Collegeville collection? Do your psalmists, choirs and assemblies like it?

    One drawback seemed to me to be that the layout of some psalms can be confusing for psalmists because multiple responses and verse combinations/options are all presented on one page. To make it easier for my psalmists, I've decided to edit the pages into a simplified psalmist sheet such as what I attached: it only has what the psalmist needs, and the verses are enlarged for easier reading while proclaiming at the ambo.

    BTW, I discovered that a pdf of The Collegeville Chant Psalter may be purchased at Simply Liturgical Music for $100, and it includes unlimited permissions for printing and file sharing. That's a bargain, when you consider that a spiral-bound physical book costs $40. See here:

    Using that pdf file, I was easily able to crop and assemble elements from a psalm page into the psalmist sheet I provided as an example.
  • francis
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    that psalm is really ruff
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  • davido
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    I used Meinrad tones for responsorial psalms at one job. I quickly found fully notated verses made the cantors I had much happier, as that was what they were used to from Respond and Acclaim, Gelineau, Guimont, etc. Hopefully your cantors will be more flexible.

    If it's of any use to you, my (mostly) complete collection is here:
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