Veni Creator in modern notation
  • This is my transcription to modern notation of the hymn "Veni Creator". I based myself on the harmonization of the NOH and the transcription of the Benedictine monks (Compendium Gradualis et Antiphonalis, 1924).
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  • Juan,

    First, thank you for your transcription.

    I'm a bit puzzled. You appear to have put guitar chords in the score, but you might have put down what amounted to a simplified figured bass. Which instrument did you intend to accompany this beautiful chant, the organ or the guitar?
  • m_r_taylor
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    It seems very much to be for organ. That's how I would use it, anyway.
  • Figured chords can be used on any instrument, not just guitar. Of course, this score is intended for organ.

    This arrangements are intended for beginning or amateur musicians.

    -When accompanying the melody use the chords only in the fundamental position or in the first inversion (never in the second).

    -Make the change from one chord to another as smooth as possible, and keep common notes tied together as much as possible.