a timely poem
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    Sadly about current events. As you are the praying sort, maybe the sentiment resonates with you, as you navigate the decrepitude of our unsubtle society’s endless and fruitless babbling around major tragedies.

    Requiescant in pace.



    the joyless report
    of a self-absorbed prig’s
    unfeeling steel
    preempts the final bell

    hot lead turns small
    warm bodies cold
    two days
    — just two

    have a great summer
    stay safe and have fun
    see you next year

    useless admonitions
    trite untrue
    never uttered
    never heard by little ears
    which heard instead

    their classmates’ laughter
    turned to screams
    and silence

    class dismissed

    have a great summer
    stay underground and have funerals
    we won’t be seeing you next year

    go on and mock my prayers you asses
    making haste to pile pork
    on the fresh graves
    of darkened bright young faces
    fragile bodies shredded by bullets

    your policy of choice may save lives
    down the line
    i do not scoff at that

    but my prayers are all i have
    for these sweet souls
    that no law
    no policy
    can ever resurrect

    and i have nothing but prayer
    nor — i think — do you
    for those who ache to hear again
    even just one
    — one —
    last time

    and never will

    i love you mommy

    and then to brush their hand
    over their cheek
    and muss their hair

    and feel the hug
    around their knees

    and send them off
    to school

    27 may 2022