Latin translation
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    Can anyone point me to a literal translation of the hymn Cor ducle, Cor amabile, particularly to the Latin text found in the St. Basil's hymnal? I recognize some words like "Cor" means "heart"; "nostri" means "of us" I think. "Amore" means "love" and I think "languidum" means "slow or sluggish" or maybe not.

    I located this translation but I don't know what Latin text it is translated from and so I have my doubts.

  • Andrew_Malton
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    The one you've found is not terrible except for "our love wounded our love languishing", not clear what they mean by that.

    The poem (is it by St John Eudes, I think) is quite a bit longer. The translation in is mostly better but you have to pick out the right verses.

    The text in the St Basil there is a bit corrupt: it seems to say *nihi instead of mihi and *nelle instead of melle ; also *puropurius as if it was one word. (But: cor sole puro purius = heart purer than the pure sun). Also (last verse) secura pars fidelibus.