Extended Pentecost Vigil Psalms
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    I came across a few discussions about the extended Pentecost Vigil and found some helpful references to the Gradual, but it's likely I'll be using the Responsorial Psalms. Where can I find a cross-reference of psalms (e.g. "Psalms x is the same as 19th Sunday in OT B) and musical settings (don't see anything in CCWatershed at a glance)?

    Thank you so very much!
    Daniel K.
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    Comprehensive indexes can be found at Fr Felix Just's web pages https://catholic-resources.org/Lectionary/ ,the RPs are listed after the other readings on the Scripture Index pages.
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    The readings with Responsorial Psalms are in Adam Bartlett's Lumen Christi Missal, which probably means that you can download them from Adam Bartlett's Source and Summit website of liturgical resources.
  • Fr Weber published these psalms for it a couple years ago.
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    A quick look at these psalms vs. Felix Just's indices suggests that the first Pentecost Vigil psalm isn't duplicated in the Sunday or Weekday cycles. Also, his indices do not list the responses, so while the psalms indicated here share the same verses as the Vigil Psalms, they may not all have the same responses. YMMV:

    After 1st reading — [no duplication]
    After 2nd reading, Opt. 1 — Lent, week 5, Wed. / Ord. 1, Wk. 16, Thurs / Ord. 1, Wk. 34, Mon.
    After 2nd reading, Opt. 2 — Ord. 1, Wk. 8, Sat. / Ord. 2, Wk. 13, Thurs. / Ord. 1, Wk. 16, Fri. / Ord. 1, Wk. 26, Thurs
    After 3rd reading — 12th Sun in Ord. Time, Year B
    After 4th reading — Pentecost Sunday Vigil ABC (the psalm that would be used without the extended readings is the same psalm that follows the 4th reading)

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    I found the RP for that first Vigil reading at OT cycle 1 week 6 Fri.
    For some reason Fr Just lists it first, Ps 33 10-11... before Ps 33 2-3... , confusing.
    I also found confusing the way the canticles used as RPs are embedded among the other readings, although I see the logic of that.