Director of Music- Holy Name of Mary, Valley Stream, NY
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    Please email your resume to the pastor Rev. David Regan

    Holy Name of Mary in Valley Stream, NY is a growing multicultural community with 3 priests and 3 deacons. There is a parochial school that is part of our mission.
    We are looking for a person who can help us move towards more sacred music in a respectful way that is prayerful and formative.

    A team player
    Understanding the need to strategically move towards Sacred Music (Chant, Polyphany, etc). This may take time and formation of the parish.
    Have a playing knowledge of the organ and piano
    Be able to lead, train, coordinate and facilitate choirs and cantors.
    Be familiar with the principles of "Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi" as it applies to the Eucharistic worship in and out of Mass.

    Salary (Depending on experience and qualifications) plus a generous benefit package
    The parish will help, modestly, with relocation costs if need be.

    Holy Name of Mary, Valley Stream, NY is seeking an individual to spearhead an overall music program and strategically help lead music to a more sacred form and style.
    Will report to the pastor.

    The job description below is negotiable depending on the qualifications of the candidate.

    Responsibilities will include (BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO)
    Ordinary Responsibilities
    Be present at staff meetings when invited
    Be available to meet with the pastor when asked
    Serve as organist and “ordinary” coordinator of music for the Masses in English
    5 P.M. Vigil, 9 A.M, Sunday and 11 A.M. Sunday
    Schedule time for alternative choirs and ministries on an ordinary basis (folk) and extraordinary basis (school)
    (Starting in September 2021) Rehearse with choirs on a regular schedule (At least 2x a month) Rehearse as needed in regards to special events
    Provide an overall welcoming experience for those who are members as well as a venue for recruiting new members
    Oversee and be responsible for maintenance of musical elements (Organ, choir robes, etc.) This includes proper ordinary upkeep and being present when the organ and/or sound system needs upgrading-repairing
    (To start in September 2021) Provide one day (Not on a Saturday or Sunday) a week of office hours (5 hours). This can be done the same day as the ordinary day of choir rehearsal. Be able to provide input, research and brainstorm elements regarding music and liturgy. This date should be fixed and regular.
    Be available for continuing education
    Plan music for weekend liturgies- Provide the pastor with planned music for input, questions and correction. Distribute to the relevant persons (Choirs, cantors, etc.)
    Act as a cooperator in preparing the immediate preparation for Mass as it pertains to musical elements (Keeping the sacristy silent except as it pertains to immediate preparation)
    Serve as organist at all funerals
    If unable then to facilitate and coordinate another organist coming
    Serve as a cantor, as needed
    Provide guidance for any visiting cantor or organist (Case-by-case) this will be facilitated with the pastor (or alone if the pastor doesn’t intervene)
    (To start after August 20, 2021) Provide mass settings and music for Spanish families (Mass setting and hymns to be offered in a course of a month after presentation of this job description)
    Offer guidance and help to couples prior to the wedding date
    Serve as “ordinary” organist and cantor at weddings
    Provide information and guidance for alternative cantors
    Help the pastor validate any visiting organist or cantor for weddings Visiting organists and cantors are handled on a case-by-case basis We do not offer visiting organists and cantors nor do we stand in the way of qualified and respectful visiting cantors and organists/musicians
    (To start in September 2021) Offer a simple repertoire of Spanish music
    Facilitate alternative options (Spanish choir). NO NEED TO BE PRESENT WHEN THE SPANISH CHOIR IS THERE- however you should be aware of what is happening.
    Obligatory Feasts, Sacraments, Events and Solemnities
    Provide leadership, direction and facilitation of music for the ordinary schedule which includes, (ORDINARILY) 5 PM Vigil, 9 AM, 12:10 PM and 7/7:30 Mass,
    *This may change from time to time and it’s the intention of those who do the planning and implementation to offer the Director of Music at least 2 weeks’ notice of 1) time change and 2) added Masses*
    The above also applies to Holy Hours, Anointing Masses and all other liturgical events
    Ordinary planned Solemnities, Events and Feasts include but are not limited to
    Christmas, Easter, All Saints Day, All Soul’s Day, Immaculate Conception, Ascension, Assumption, Motherhood of God,
    Prayers for Holy Week
    Thanksgiving Mass, Ecumenical Prayers,
    *School Events *
    Be part of the overall planning of sacraments participating in conversations that may not be inclusive to music
    Organize, facilitate all musical elements and play organ at the proper Sacraments when asked. There may be times where your leadership may not be called for
    First Holy Communions, Confirmation, etc.
    Day of Recollection for any persons involved in anything liturgical. This includes aiding in brainstorming, delegating and provide a talk if asked.
    Advent-Christmas Concert
    At the pastor’s directive and insight direct, facilitate and implement a “Concert” in the form of either Lessons and Carols or Vespers. This is to be logistically planned with the pastor in early in November.
    The “Concert” is an inclusive event for the entire parish and therefore should assume the inclusion of each group. Each group needs to function in a representative and inclusive way. They are to be directed to sing-play as an individual group and an inclusive group.
    Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned by the pastor that are in-line with the position and/or being a working team member.
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