Music for the first of May
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    Sung Mass at St. Bede's 11am and procession 2.15pm

    All Propers sung in full from the Graduale Romanum 1924.
    Ordinary K, G, C, S, B, & A: Missa O Quam Gloriosum, Tomás Luis de Victoria.
    Offertory motet: O Quam Gloriosum, Tomás Luis de Victoria.
    Communion Motet: Deus tuorum militum Tomás Luis de Victoria.
    Domine Saltum fac: Chant
    Marian Anthem: Regina Caeli, Solemn tone

    May Crowning after shared lunch
    Crowning: Bring Flowers of the rarest.
    Rosary mostly said in English with sung Gloria Patri, and the respective verse of the Glorious Rosary Hymn Jam morte victor before each mystery.
    Litany of Loreto: Chant Version 1
    Marian Anthem: Regina Caeli, Witt.