Gregorian Institute of Canada: The Feast of St. Margaret, July 19-20, 2022, Burlington Ontario
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    Dear friends: The Gregorian Institute of Canada is becoming re-activated following the pandemic. We are pleased to announce a mini-conference which will be an immersive experience in the English chant heritage and liturgy of York and Sarum. We will be singing the full office and mass of St. Margaret, from first vespers through to the antiphon of the BVM at the conclusion of compline on the following day. There will also be rehearsals and lectures. This event is hosted on a break even basis: the only fee is the $30 membership in GIC. The ca. 200 page-booklet will be available for free download, or in print form at cost. (Meals and accommodation must be arranged separately by participants.) This beautiful and intimate location is a one-hour drive from Buffalo NY, or one hour from Toronto International Airport. For further details please visit
    For further information, please contact Rev. Dr. William Renwick,
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    I've attended in the past. It's great!
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    Mass at a lutheran church?

  • Schönbergian
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    Ironic that this will take place within the Diocese of Hamilton that has all but prohibited the use of Latin and Gregorian chant within its boundaries. I wonder if that will be mentioned at all during the conference?
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    If I understand aright, the GIC isn't defined as a Catholic organization, and includes scholars and musicians of any faith, so its conferences sometimes include events held at non-Catholic churches. I wish I could attend the conference this year!
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    This will be a “liturgical day” according to the Sarum Use/Rite as edited by the Institute.

    I should think it would be somewhat unlikely, to say the least, that his Excellency the Bishop of Hamilton would permit and acknowledge a Mass in this rite within his Diocese. Besides, the combined effect of Missale Romanum (1969) and Summorum Pontificum (2007) and Traditionis Custodes (just last year eh) is that Sarum probably cannot now be canonically celebrated in full communion with the Holy See, at least not without very special permission. But in the event it will not be done so: I believe that Bishop Peter (Goodrich) of the Independent Anglican Church will be commemorated at the Mass.
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    alas… The communio in sacris problem is very real with this.
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    TC only applies to the Missal of 1962... it makes claims about 'unique form' that show an ignorance of the fact that the Catholic Church consists of many rites and usages. Contradictory laws / demands have no force and do not bind...
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    Dear friends: thanks so much for your input on these matters!! I am fascinated!
    To be sure the issue of receiving the Eucharist outside of one's own communion can be problematic! Of course no one (other than the priest) is obliged to receive the Eucharist at any celebration. Anyone that may be offended by the celebration of a mass that is not within a Roman Catholic jurisdiction certainly need not attend that event, which will occupy less than one hour of the entire period of the conference . . .
    Whatever the legal situation in the RC diocese of Hamilton Ontario, it is my experience that tolerance is the order of the day; RC priests have been welcomed to our Independent Anglican pulpit; I as an Independent Anglican have (surprisingly) been invited to receive RC communion--(I have not in fact taken up the invitation!) I don't want to start any wars here, merely to suggest that tolerance and respect seem to be sensible virtues to practice here.
    On another point, having studied the Use of Sarum for some time, I have come to appreciate that the differences to be found within the Canon of the Mass are indeed tiny; I daresay no greater than the differences that might be found between the Roman mass of 1540 and the Roman mass of Trent and beyond. Within the mass the principal difference that I note is in the private prayers said by the priest before his own reception of the sacrament. In any case, we have not made a final determination as to exactly what form the Canon of the Mass will take at this event.
    On the Ecumenical nature of GIC: indeed we have no religious affiliation; the ranks of the Hamilton Schola Cantorum include Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, non-denominational persons and non-professed Christians. Yet we have been welcomed to sing in all those houses of worship!
    On an administrative point . . . for anyone who might be attending--it would be most helpful if you could let us know, so that we can have an idea of the expected number or participants.
    Blessings to all!
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    I am pleased to announce that the full program with all the texts and chants is now available at this site.
    Hope you can join us. In any case, colleagues may be interested to see the full office and mass all in order . . .
    There are also sound recordings of the chants available at the same location.
    Best wishes, William.
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    Dear friends: just a quick note to finish off this conversation. I expect that some of you will be interested. As we planned the event, logistics came to the fore - - - we had planned to hold the event in a small Lutheran church, and I am sure that we would have had no issues about the celebration of a mass there. We also had the opportunity to use the RC church of Our Lady of Mercy in Hamilton, where the Independent Anglican Church regularly celebrates masses that are not authorized by the RC Bishop of Hamilton. Because both of these venues seemed too small, we sought out other venues. We were welcomed at a larger RC church, but the Bishop of Hamilton prohibited the event . . . the time being 'inopportune'. Feel free to speculate on the meaning of that phrase! We continued by renting an Anglican church in Burlington--with time running out we did not feel able to seek out further arrangements, and for reasons about which you may again speculate, in the end we will not be celebrating the eucharist at this conference. Other than that, everything is go for a wonderful time together! Best wishes to all, and we hope for good thins in the future!