Organist - Associate Director of Music: Delbarton Abbey/Delbarton School, Morristown, NJ
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    St. Mary’s Abbey / Delbarton School
    230 Mendham Rd. Morristown, NJ 07960


    Play approximately 40—45 30-minute services per month (Matins @ 6:30 or 7:30 AM and Vespers/Mass @ 5:00 PM)
    Play for major services of the church year (Christmas Vigil, Christmas Day, Palm Sunday, Paschal Triduum, Easter Vigil, Easter Day)
    Play for major feasts and holy days, including monastic professions, ordinations, monastic funerals, jubilees
    First right of refusal for weddings and funerals (approx. 12 per year), responsible for securing a substitute as necessary
    Oversee assisting organists, create and distribute monthly schedule for organists
    Choose appropriate preludes, postludes for all services
    Expand Sunday morning music program; use instrumentalists and Delbarton school boys to cantor when possible, rehearse cantors, choir, and instrumentalists
    Play for all Delbarton School Masses, rehearse with Schola choir before each Mass
    Assist in maintaining filing cabinets containing special Mass folders and seasonal Vespers; make corrections and update as needed, help to keep materials organized
    Arrange for regular tuning and maintenance of organ and pianos
    Assist in the hiring and training of new organists as necessary
    Act as liaison and oversee any concerts in the Abbey Church Report to prior and church rector


    Master’s degree (preferred) in organ and/or sacred music
    Experience as a parish musician in a liturgical church
    Knowledge of Roman Catholic liturgy
    Skills in playing organ repertoire, hymnody, psalm accompaniment, and improvisation


    $60—70K/year, with full benefits, 403B plan
    Three weeks vacation, to be scheduled in consultation with assisting
    Six Sunday Masses off per year
    Fiss/Konzelman pipe organ III/32, Steinway grand piano
    * Please submit resume and references to: *
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